Go beyond aligners, records, and designing cases...

Maximize your intraoral scanner capabilities and make the most of your investment by streamlining the benefits your scanner can provide for your practice.

Your scans are impressions — no need for alginate

Submit your scans & scripts with our online RX Wizard

From scan to model via 3D Printing

Appliances hand-crafted with precision

At NEOLab, we use your scans to fabricate appliances; no need for traditional impressions to be taken. We work with scans from any intraoral scanner; iTero, Lythos, True Definition, Trios, and more!

If your patient's appliance gets lost or broken, we can simply create a new one from the saved scan (provided the teeth haven't moved).

With a quick, simple upload via our secure website, the .stl file created from your scan is sent to us directly, along with your automated script.

This RX Wizard is a free, online, encrypted doctor portal where you create time-saving script templates with individual specifications. Simply pick one of your saved scripts, add patient info, attach your .stl file(s), and submit.

Once we receive your script & scans, we prepare the scans then send the data to our 3D printer which prints/creates an exact replica of your patient's arches.

Once printing is complete we have a hard plastic model, much like a standard stone or plaster model, only more durable and neatly finished.

The 3D printed model retains ultimate accuracy and precision, allowing us to craft perfectly fitting appliances.

These models also accompany the appliances in your shipment. Impress your patients by handing them their very own 3D printed models!


Faster Turnarounds
.Stl Files are sent via our website, meaning our lab has your file instantaneously. As with all appliances, our lab only requires three days to complete fabrication. With two-day shipping nationwide appliances are back to your office within one week.

Higher Quality Model
No more broken, dusty models! When you receive your appliance, it will be accompanied by the clean & durable plastic 3D-printed model.

Secure & Free Virtual Storage
All .stl files we receive are backed up and stored on our HIPAA-compliant secure servers, at no extra cost.

Ultimate Precision
Highly-precise digital scans virtually eliminate the possibility of appliances not fitting correctly, saving you costly chair time and patient discomfort.

Streamlined workflow & lab integration
An intraoral scanner used to its full capacity streamlines efficiencies for your office, while integrating closely with our lab to provide you simpler, faster, and higher-quality service and products.