How do I send you our scans?

There are essentially 2 ways. Either:

  • Initiate a one-time connection between our lab and your scanner for automatic file transfers.
  • Export the file(s) from the scanner, then upload to your script in the RxWizard.

Find your scanner below for further instructions:

What is an STL file?

An STL file is a standard format used to capture 3D data. All intraoral scanners produce or export to STL format.

Can you accept scans from my scanner?

Yes! We accept scans in STL format which is the standard format on every scanner currently in the orthodontic market.

How do appliances differ in quality when fabricated from scanned impressions versus traditional impression?

Scanners generally produce impressions with higher accuracy, which makes for improved fit of appliances, decreased need to adjust & remake, and reduced chairtime.

I have a restorative scanner, can I still submit to you?

Yes! For iTero users, we are a certified restorative lab that can be associated directly to your scanner by calling iTero support. If you are using any other scanners, please contact us for further information on the integration process.

How long do you keep my scan files?

We keep your scans on our server for 30 days. If within that time you need a repeat/change of the Rx, even though we still have the file, we require you to upload the file again to a new Rx to avoid any miscommunication.

Can I scan a patient with braces?

Yes! We can erase the brackets off the teeth.

Please make sure to remove arch wire in order for your scanner to capture bracket information more accurately and ensure a better fitting appliance. After your scan is complete, make sure to insert a passive arch wire back in the patient’s mouth. Any active movements in the wire after the scan will compromise the fit of the final appliance.

How do you fit bands?

We have been indirect banding cases for over 25 years and are confident in our ability to mimic a clinically-fit band. We use RMO bands and can laser weld any buccal attachments your office may use. Offices can alternatively send us their bands in bulk and our techs will use your specific bands to indirect band cases from your office. When seating doctor-supplied bands, there is a charge per band.

I’m thinking about buying a scanner. Which scanner do you recommend?

There are many great scanners out there, each with their own pros and cons, ranging from price to accuracy and ergonomics. For a more in-depth unbiased discussion about this technology, feel free to contact Christian at the lab.

Can I use my scanner for band & loops?

Yes! We can digitally extract the tooth after the scan has been completed.

Which appliances would require me to scan the opposing arch?
  • Splint/Nightguard
  • Habit Appliances
  • Any appliance with posterior occlusal coverage
  • Pedi Partials
  • Any appliance with a Pontic tooth that would require accurate occlusion

Digital Study Models

How do I get digital study models?

You will need a free RxWizard account to create online scripts (as opposed to filling out paper lab scripts), then print the completed online script to include with your impression or work model.

Once we complete your digital study model, we will upload it to the appropriate script and you will receive a notification that your file is ready for download. In order to view your study models, you will need to download the free OrthoViewer.

How long do you keep my digital study models?

While we keep your files posted in your RxWizard for only 60 days, we still store them on our server indefinitely. If 60 days has elapsed and you need a file, just give us a call or send us an email with the script ID, and we will upload again for another 60 days.

Can I get a digital study model and an appliance off the same impression?

Yes! As long as we are the lab who created your digital study model, we can create a 3D printed model to fabricate any appliance. Please keep in mind since teeth move quickly so we don’t recommend using digital study model files over 30 days old to fabricate appliances.

How can I download my digital study models to a specific folder on my computer?

When you download your digital study models, your browser might automatically download your files into your Downloads folder. You can change your browser settings to ask you where you want to save the files. Once you choose the file location once, it should always default to that folder. See your browser’s instructions below:

  • Chrome – top right icon (3 horizontal lines) > Settings > Advanced settings at bottom > Downloads > check the box that says ‘Ask to save each file before downloading’
  • Firefox – top right icon (3 horizontal lines) > Options > General tab > Under Downloads, choose ‘Always ask me where to save files’
  • Internet Explorer – should ask you every time. Click the Save option.


What is OrthoViewer?

3Shape’s OrthoViewer is a simple yet effective standalone viewer for viewing orthodontic study models produced by intraoral scanners. 3D Models can be viewed in all standard views, in occlusion and open and simple point-to-point measurements can be performed.

To download, learn more, or take sample study model files for a dry run, click here.

How do I get OrthoViewer?

You will need to install it on your computer. You can find more information and the download file here.

If you are not familiar with installing programs:

  1. Click here, then click Download.
  2. Save the file to your desktop so you can easily locate it.
  3. After it is finished downloading, if nothing automatically opens, you will need to open the file on your desktop which should open up the installer file.
  4. Double click it and click Run if it asks. The Installer Welcome screen should open up.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Check off all three file formats (although the only type you’ll be receiving from us are .3sz), then click Next.
  7. Click Finish. Now when you open a digital study model file, it will automatically open in OrthoViewer. You can try a sample files here if you’d like.
How do I use OrthoViewer?

Refer to the User Manual to become familiar with its features.

Why are the models black?

If your models are showing up black, you need only change a setting in the preferences.

At the top-left of your screen, click Application > Preferences. Then simply uncheck Material Shaders and click OK. This should fix the issue.

I’m getting an error when I try to use the multiview option. What’s going on?

If you’re getting this error, you need only change a setting in the preferences.

If this error is causing the program to freeze, just close it and start it back up again. At the top-left of your screen, click Application > Preferences. Then simply uncheck Material Shaders and click OK. The multiview should work fine now.

How do I get a multi-view print or PDF?

While the basic free version of OrthoViewer has a multi-view feature, it doesn’t allow you to print or create a PDF. You have 3 options to get the multi-view PDF or image:

  • Give us a call or email to request a PDF report $2.00
  • Take a screenshot (capture/print screen button on your keyboard)
  • Purchase the full-featured software from 3Shape – OrthoAnalyzer
Can the OrthoViewer integrate with my practice management software?

No, the free OrthoViewer from 3Shape will not integrate with your practice management software. However, you have the option to purchase OrthoAnalyzer, 3Shape’s full-featured software, which integrates with most practice management software applications.


How do I get started on the RxWizard?

See the topics below for RxWizard tutorials:

How do I select a color for my appliance?

After you click Upper or Lower in the appliance selection, the colors are a bit hidden under Acrylic Options.

We are currently working on an update to the RxWizard with a better color selection process. There are some missing colors, so if you don’t see the right color you can put it in the special instructions. And you can always put the color in the special instructions if that’s easier!

How do I create templates for upper and lower hawley retainers?

There are two ways:

  1. Create one template (e.g. Hawley) with both the upper and lower arches completed. If a patient requires a retainer on one arch only, you will need to click ‘edit script’ and uncheck all the selections on the other arch.
  2. Create three templates for all three scenarios:
    • U & L Hawley
    • U Hawley
    • L Hawley

We are in the middle of revamping the template and appliance selection process in the RxWizard, and one of the features will better accommodate the need to simply turn upper/lower on or off.

I messed up on a script. Can I edit it?

You cannot edit a script after completing it, but you may be able to delete it and start over. If we haven’t received/processed the script yet, a trash icon will be available to click on under the Actions column on your Script History page.

If you need to delete and start over but you’ve already mailed a script to us, we’ll still be able to grab the updated one so that’s no problem.

If we’ve already received and processed the script, just give us a call and we’ll take care of any changes.

How can I get my forgotten username or password?
  • Usernames – If you’ve forgotten your username, give us a call at the lab or send an email to and we’ll give it to you.
  • Passwords – If you’ve forgotten your password, you’ll need to reset it. Click the Forgot Password link on the login page of the RxWizard and type in the email address associated with your account.
My uploads are timing out/I’m having connectivity issues. What do I do now?

Give us a call! This shouldn’t happen, but if it does give us a call and we’ll help troubleshoot. If it’s something on your end (e.g. firewall), you may need to include your IT person, in which case we’d be happy to reach out to them for you.