Traditional nightguards protect against bruxism, a destructive dental force. While these nightguards serve their purpose by protecting the teeth, they are often bulky, uncomfortable, and prone to staining.


NEOLab is proud to be one of only a select few labs in the country to offer 3D Splints. These nightguards are designed entirely digitally, and 3D printed in an FDA approved, biocompatible resin. 3D Splints feature all the same functional advantages as traditional splints, but also offer an optimized fit, a durable and extended use material, and a patient comfort-level that is unmatched. These splints also offer a quick and low-cost reorder option – if your patient ever needs a new or backup splint, we can simply print another!

Once you submit your intraoral scans, we will digitally prepare the splint in an industry-leading software, complete with digital articulation. The splint is fit to the scans with precision, giving your patient an optimal fit without chairside adjustment time. Next, the splint is 3D printed one of our state-of-the-art Carbon printers, in the revolutionary Keystone KeySplint resin. This FDA-approved, biocompatible resin is approved for prolonged patient use, and features impressive wear-time comparisons to traditional materials. The KeySplint material is extremely comfortable for patient wear and is stain-resistant, effectively combating two of the most common complaints in one solution. Once printed, the splint is buffed and polished to the same high-quality standards common to all NEOLab appliances.


  • FDA-approved resin that is durable, stain-resistant, and extremely comfortable for patient wear;
  • Optimal fit and low chairside adjustment times;
  • No printed 3D models or hand-articulation costs, saving you money;
  • Standard turnaround time in lab;
  • Easy reorder – we simply print another copy, saving you time and money!


To ensure the best fit, please submit upper and lower intraoral scans, scanned in occlusion.

Ordering a 3D printed splint is easy in our proprietary prescription software, RX Wizard. For more information, or if you would like us to set up a template to be used again and again, please call the lab at (800) 922-6365.