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NEOLab holds proudly to its reputation as the leader in digital orthodontics, and it’s in technology that we see so much of our future. We are forever in pursuit of the newest and most effective uses of technology to improve our standards, product offerings, and quality, and therefore, are proud to introduce 3D Printed Metal as part of the premium NEOCAD line.

CAD-designed appliances are constructed entirely on your patient’s intraoral scan prior to printing. As a result, the precision of 3D Metal appliances is untouchable – and can be measured down to a few microns. Furthermore, NEOLab is home to a patent-pending design process that includes both the bands and the framework of many fixed appliances.

3D printed bands are individually designed without interproximal or subgingival interference, making separators a thing of the past. Skip a spacers appointment and get to treatment faster using 3D bands!

Each 3D Metal appliance is printed in chromium cobalt, a premium alloy that increases strength and avoids any nickel allergies or sensitivities.

When you order 3D Metal from NEOLab, you are ordering a cutting-edge approach to your favorite fixed appliances.Integrate the latest solution from NEOLab into your practice seamlessly with easy ordering through RX Wizard. Learn more about how 3D Metal appliances can benefit your practice, and how to get started, below.