Fixed Distalizing Appliances

A fixed distalizing appliance banded on the first molars and utilizing distalizing springs made with .032 TMA wire. The distalizing springs slot into lingual tubes on the molar bands in which apply pressure to distalize the molars.
The same as the Pendulum appliance except for the addition of a midline expansion screw to help with transverse expansion so that expansion and distalization can be completed with one appliance
A distalizing appliance that is easy to activate. This appliance has the same concept as many other molar distalizers with an acrylic button and distalizing springs, but this Frog appliance is much easier to operate. A special key is inserted into the screw and turned counterclockwise applying distal forces the the screw which in turn puts pressure on the springs distalizing the molars.
A distalizing appliance that uses compressed coil springs activated by a sliding locking mechanism and a large acrylic button on the palate to distribute the force.
A very effective and easy to activate molar distalizing appliance. This appliance uses patented technology called an IPC (Inman Power Component). These IPC components run through tubes that are laser welded to the lingual of the bands to guide the molars during distalization. The distalization is achieved by compressing NiTi coil springs against the molar tubes.