Vice President

My work in the lab goes all the way back to the tender age of five when I'd help bag plaster for study models with my sisters. Suffice it to say that I've learned a bit more since then. The point is, really, that this has always been a family business - a business we've taken a lot of pride in. The lab itself and the care we bring to our products and service are a reflection of who we are: a compassionate, conscientious, and committed family.

Our new lab, which we designed ourselves, provides a pleasing, ergonomic and safe work environment for our lab family. Our products are created with the same care, quality, and expertise we would use (and have used!) for our own kids. We aren't a big, impersonal, commercial lab - we're a family lab. We feel that we have found an effective balance between technology and hands-on, human expertise to create the greatest efficiency without compromising customized quality.

And our service is second to none, because your patient really does matter to us - we understand that it's all about them. It's incredibly gratifying to head up a business where I know the work we do is making a positive difference in so many people's lives - especially the kids. That's why the personal touch, the attention to detail, is so critical. When I create an appliance for an infant facing cleft-palate surgery, I take immense joy and pride in being part of the team that will forever alter that baby's life for the better. These kids, in a small way, become "my" kids.

The ownership we take in each patient is why I keep a constant eye to the future of this industry and the technological advances that can improve patient outcomes and streamline operations — both ours and yours. In order to create more effective and efficient solutions for you and your patients, I'm passionate about building my knowledge of all things related to orthodontics. The past several years have seen me focused on acquiring an expertise in all things digital, as we make careful decisions in how best to move forward through the biggest changes in this industry's history. I love to engage in conversations regarding how these changes affect your business, your patients, and where the value lies for different practices. Got a question or three? Let's talk!

These are the things that matter in my life and we want to do the best job we can for you and your patient.