For over 40 years, we have built our reputation on quality through personalized customer service, uncompromising standards, unbeatable turnaround time and competitive pricing.

As a result, we're a top, state-of-the-art digital orthodontic lab with a nationwide clientele of orthodontists and pediatric dentists - but we're also so much more. Because the nature of our work requires that each appliance we create be customized for your patient, we take a very personal, hands-on approach. We haven't forgotten that behind each digital scan we print is a real person - your patient. And knowing how important your patients are to you, we strongly encourage you to openly communicate with us so that we can deliver the exact quality you and your patients deserve.

Over the years, we've learned that direct communication between you, the doctor, and our expert technicians produces the most efficient, highest-quality results. We're happy to provide technical information or suggest innovation solutions. So, if you have any questions or concerns, give us a call - you'll never get a phone tree, but rather a real person to address your real needs competently and quickly.

And when we say "quick," we mean it. We pride ourselves, not just in our individualized service and the quality of our products, but also in our fast 8-business day turnaround time for most appliances.

We offer a selection of over 150 types of appliances, each fabricated to our exacting standards from the highest-quality materials. From simple band-and-loop space-maintainers to complicated functional appliances, we are able to fulfill all the needs of your practice.

The secret to providing your practice with the highest quality appliances, as well as the best service in the industry, is NEOLab's consistency, quality, and reliability.

Thank you,
Bill & Christian Saurman
...and the whole New England Orthodontic Lab & PAL family!